Kelly Bartlett, writer

Kelly Bartlett is a freelance writer with a focus on children, family relationships, and discipline. She began her parenting journey in 2005, and has since spent years researching child development, brain science, and emotional security. Kelly started writing about what she learned in order to help parents understand how to relate to their children and find respectful, effective ways to discipline.

Kelly's articles have appeared in numerous publications across the world. She is a contributing editor and monthly columnist for The Attached Family magazine, as well as a moderator of an international parenting forum on the topic of discipline. She also blogs regularly about creating secure family relationships at API Speaks.

Kelly holds degrees in biology and secondary education, as well as two additional certifications as a parent educator with The Positive Discipline Association and a leader with Attachment Parenting International. When she's not writing, Kelly enjoys baking, reading, barefoot running, and swinging kettlebells. She enjoys living just outside of Portland, Oregon with her husband, children, one large dog and two small rats.

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